Independence Day Guide

Nailing It:
Find most of these nail designs here

Drinking it:
Blueberry Moscow Mule
Red, White & Blue Fizzy
Red, White and Blue Ice Cubes
Champagne Soaked Strawberries

Smoking it:
ShopStayWild, Glitter Waterfall Glass Pipe, $62.99
ShopStayWild, Starry Night Vape, $89.99
Pokeabowl, Maverick Red Ash Tray, $17.95
Dolls Kill, Old Glory Blue Wrap Pack, $8

Eating it:
Patriotic Parfait
Lemon Garlic Shrimp Kabobs
Shark Bite Cupcakes (In Honor of Shark Week)
Red, White, and Blue Rice Krispies Treats