I am definitely not a workout person – as most of you could probably tell from my edible pre-workout story I told at the beginning of this blog. However, I do enjoy a cute pair of leggings that makes my ass look good. Here are my new favorite workout clothing lines I’ve stumbled over the past couple weeks as I’ve began to not be a total lazy piece of shit. These are all also great for lounging and pretending you are doing something active. Untitled-1

1/ Ryder Noir Full Length Tight, Splits59, $148
2/ Yoga Mat, Olympia, $96
3/ Athena Crop Bra, Outdoor Voices, $50
4/ The Bowie Bra in Marble, Strut-This, $58 (pre-order now)
5/ Ultra Silk Cheshire Print Legging, Ultracor, $175 (My personal favorite)
6/ Goddess Bra, Alo, $54
7/ Slashback Crop, Outdoor Voices, $60
8/ Tri-Tone Kneecap Legging, Outdoor Voices, $75
9/Freedom Tower Top, Phat Buddha, $126