It’s that time again…wedding season. Aka throw-your-moeny-away-on-a-dress-you’ll-never-wear-again season. To help with that problem here are some dresses that will not only make you look like the 2nd most beautiful woman at the wedding, but that are versatile enough to wear again to something else. I really tried to bring a wide variety of styles, colors, and sexiness.

Remember that you can always dress something up or down depending on the vibe so a lot of these dresses can swing both ways from formal to casual – it’s all about the personal touches you add. 
1/ House of CB, Rochelle Puplum Dress, $50 (On Sale!) 

2/ Lulu’s, On the Up and Up Cobalt Blue Lace Dress, $115
3/ Nookie, Disco Dolls Midi Dress, $136.63  
4/ Nookie, Julia Mazi Dress, $115.66

1/ Maurie & Eve, Genesis Dress, $179 AUD 
2/ Nookie, Disco Dolls Maxi Dress, $172.77
3/ Chi Chi London, Chi Chi Viola Dress, $123.10
4/ BNKR, Cold Shoulder Dress, $170

1/ Flynn Skye, Ava Jumper, $173
2/ Asos, Culotte Jumpsuit, $112
3/ Lulu’s, Cat’s Meow Blue Jumpsuit, $49
4/ Asos, Lavish Alice Stripe Cape Jumpsuit, $129

1/ Lulu’s Garden Grove Floral Maxi Dress, $84
2/ Lulu’s, Aquatic Queen Floral Midi Dress, $68
3/ Lulu’s, Here Comes the Sun Floral Print Dress. $61
4/ Lulu’s Love for Lanai Two-Piece Maxi Dress, $89

1/ BNKR, White Walls Dress, $150
2/ Lulu’s Horizon Hues Royal Blue Long Sleeve Dress, $62
3/ House of CB, Maxime Chiffon Maxi Dress, $185
4/ Nookie, Tropicana Backless Dress, $143.86