If you know me you know that I am really lazy (as I’ve already mentioned in almost all of my posts). Especialllllllly when it comes to showering and getting ready I want the easiest, quickest, most hassle-free products that will get me out the door asap. Over the years I have accumulated a nice little collection of the best products to cut-corners.

My favorite of the three, and the one I have been using for years, is the Fructis Sleek & Shine Leave-In Conditioner. Conditioning my hair (especially when it was to my ass) was the most annoying and time consuming thing ever. I’m not sure if I even use it correctly but when I’m too lazy to condition in the shower I just wash my hair and when I get out and my hair is still wet, I put a dime size amount of this in and brush it through and voila I’m done. Shampooed and conditioned like a muthafuckin champ. It honestly saves me so much time and there is zero difference in how my hair looks after. 


My next trick to make my life easy is using Nivea’s new In-Shower Body Lotion. I was a bit skeptical about this product when it first came out but I figured I would try it out since it seemed like something that would make my getting ready time a lot easier. And I was right. I wouldn’t suggest using this every day as a substitute for lotion but once or twice a week it’s great. Especially for late night showers after the gym or if you are in a rush before work this is a god-send and it does work pretty well. 


My last lazy girl product is L’Oreal Self-Tanning Gelée. I found this product pretty recently through my sister and it’s amazing as far as how well it works. It almost works a little too well and I am warning everyone this is one of those self-tanners where you better be very thorough and make sure you are getting smooth lines and washing the fuck out of your hands after because this shit shows and if you aren’t careful you will have streaks and splotches (I know this from experience). However, if you use this sparingly and carefully it is a great product because of how well and how quickly it works. I use a teeny tiny amount of this on my face about twice a week for some color and then if I’m going out I use it a couple hours before on my legs, arms, etc for some glow. Like I said – it works amazingly but definitely be careful and test it out before going ham with it before a big night out. 


Another quick note about this product – I’ve never seen it in stores so your best luck is to just find it online and order it