IMG_0765It’s official. Korea not only knows what the fuck is up with food, but it is dominating my beauty cabinets right now. From lip masks to mascara, all the good shit is coming from over there and I am so happy I found this secret source. Since two of my best friends are Korean I am no  stranger to using Korean products every now and then but I feel as though there has been a sort of shift to a lot of this stuff becoming more mainstream. Here are a couple of the best ones I’ve picked up. (Did I also mention most of these things are cheap as fuck? Always a plus) IMG_0756
This BeBe Lip Mask is a must for all you guys who are dealing with the winter cold. It is a lip mask  that helps with those dry, crackly lips and makes them soft as a baby’s ass. IMG_0769
Because most of these products are from Korea I got a lot of them on Amazon. The Bebe Lip Mask ($7.17) came with a ton of little sample packets of moisturizers that are amazing as well 
This Aloe Moisturizing Gel from Etude House ($12.40) is extremely soothing and less sticky to apply than a lot of lotions I use. Some people may not be into the texture of the gel as a body lotion but I absolutely love it and it works amazingly
Ok, Heroine Make is technically established under a Japanese beauty company but I had to include this in my post.  Mascara is one of the maybe three makeup products I use and this is by far the best mascara I have ever owned. Heroine Make (Kiss Me) is their version of Maybelline’s green and pink mascara we find in drugstores in the states but a million billion times better. Trust me when I tell you if you are a lashes girl this is a must.

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