Beautiful desk = better work.

There is no question that an aesthetically pleasing environment contributes greatly to ones productivity. I keep my work space as tidy as possible and try to add pops of color and fun accessories to make it a more enjoyable space for me. The new year is a perfect time to spruce up your work space, I mean, you need to get a new planner anyways so why not add a couple more things to shopping bag? Here are a couple of my favorite products that make me enjoy being at my office and get me all the kudos from my co-workers.


1/ I am Very Busy Get it Sorted Files, $14
2/ Black Marble Scheduler, $18.16
3/ Pastel Dual Deco Pen Set, $6.26
4/ Keith Haring Highlighters, $9.99
5/ Classic Star Set Paper Clips, $3.99
6/ 2016 Dailey Journal Metallics Leather, $90
7/ Strike Gold Stapler, $28
8/ 2016 French Bulldog Calendar, $12
9/ Rainbow Pattern Pen, $2.06 (each)
10/ ‘Girl Boss’ Desk Sign, $29
11/ Sloan Stationary Notebooks, Varies